Here’s our top 10 child and pet friendly houseplants.

Calathea – beautiful patterned leaves, suitable for bright spots out of direct sun, many varieties, medium difficulty.

Aspidistra – handsome tall, lance shaped green leaves, will grow in shade, easy care.

Ceropegia woodii (String Of Hearts) – delicate, patterned heart shape leaves that trail, prefers a bright spot but can cope with some shade, medium care.

Chlorophytum (Spider plant) – available with plain green, variegated and curly leaves. Avoid direct sun, easy care.

Pilea (Chinese Money Plant) – glossy round green leaves, loves a bright spot out of the glare of intense sun, easy care.

Nephrolepsis exaltata (Boston Fern) – bushy plant, can cope with some shade, thrives in a bathroom, easy care.

Chamaedorea elegans (Parlour Palm) -a tall leafy plant, likes a good amount of light, easy care.

Schlumbergera (Christmas Cactus) – flowering (red, white, pink) plant, enjoys a semi shady position, easy care.

Guzmania - dramatic flowering plant, enjoys a semi shady position, medium care.

Maranta leuconeura – gorgeous patterned leaves, loves a bright spot, easy care.