Our commitment to sustainability, biodiversity & grow your own

At Woodthorpe Park, we prioritize sustainability and continuously strive to improve our practices. We've been peat-free for 2 years, reducing carbon emissions caused by peat harvesting. Peat, a soil-like substance found in wetlands, stores carbon that is released during horticulture, contributing to global warming. Our in-house grown plants ensure high quality, adaptability to local climate conditions, and reduced emissions due to minimal transportation.

To promote recycling, we set up our own recycling stations for you to return compost bags and plant pots purchased from us, but you are also welcomed to take pots for your various growing projects! And we are home to two official Nottingham City Council recycling point: for small electrical items and Tetrapaks.

At Christmas all our Christmas trees are locally sourced, traveling a short distance to reach our site. Our dedicated grower plants a new tree for each one cut, with over 1 million Christmas trees filtering up to 22 million kg of CO2 annually. We offer a recycling collection service for purchased Christmas trees, which are chipped, mulched, and used as soil improvers in our parks. We also offer ‘forever trees’ that can be planted in the ground or kept in pots for year-round texture and colour.

Additionally, many of you told us you no longer needed receipts and it's your valued feedback that guided and helped us to make a change. We switched off automatic receipt printing which will dramatically reduce the paper waste coming out form our site, Thank you!

And let’s not forget about our focus on ‘grow your own’ and biodiversity.

We would like to support you on your “wild” and horticultural adventures in every way we can; we run regular ‘Small space fruit and veg growing workshops’ – you don’t need a garden or large space to grow!

We are also keen to help enhance biodiversity in your own garden with:

• Hedgehog house building workshops
• Wildflower seed workshops
• Carefully labelling plants that are the best support for pollinators and thrives on our climate

We also host 'Swap and Share’ events where member of the community brings their seeds, samplings, plants and growing experiences to swap with one another.