• How to plant a tree

    Trees are a big investment and so it pays to ensure you plant them well and set them up for a long healthy life. To get your tree off to the best start possible follow our 7-step plan to success.
  • Top air purifying houseplants

    It’s scientifically proven that houseplants are excellent at improving air quality in our homes. In simple terms they do this by absorbing carbon dioxide and releasing oxygen which helps to create the right balance needed for healthy living. 
  • 10 spring gardening jobs to do right now

    Getting out in the garden now ensures we can steal a march on our plot and guarantee it’s in tip top condition before the main growing season kicks off. There’s another reason to get out though, fresh air, soil under your fingernails, tidying, nurturing, planning, imagining, they all do wonders to beat winter blues.
  • October in the Plant Shop

    October is the best time of the year to buy and plant fruit bushes.

    The soil is still warm and full of moisture, so by the time the harsh frosts arrive your fruit bushes will be really well settled into their new home.

  • Autumn Event at the Plant Shop

    ONE FOR THE DIARY!We are really looking forward to seeing you at our fun, family AUTUMN EVENT, Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September.We’ve got so...
  • September in the Plant Shop

    SPRING BULBSSeptember is the perfect time to buy and plant Spring bulbs. We’ve stocked up with a wide range of loose and bagged daffodil, tulip, al...
  • August in the Plant Shop

    Senecio Angel WingsMound forming hardy perennial with striking white-tailed foliage. Eye catching container or garden border plant. It's so tactile...
  • July in the Plant Shop

    Transform your garden in to something wonderful with our wonderful collection of roses.    
  • 'June' in the Plant Shop

    Petunias, Calibrachoa and Hanging Baskets
  • 'May' in the Plant Shop

    Peonies, Hostas and Dianthus.